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Cryptocurrency /

I first became interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain back in 2016.

A few months later, I purchased my first bit of Bitcoin via a Bitcoin ATM.

Now into 2021, I’m still heavily invested with both my time and money.

I’m considered a crypto and blockchain expert among people who know me.

I have a complete understanding of blockchain concepts, descentralized finance and the overall workings of the crypto market.

I have a knack for identifying undervalued, fundamentally-sound projects for short and long-term investing.

For example, at the beginning of this year, I highlighted the project $MATIC (Polygon) as one to climb the charts into a top 15 project.

At the time, Polygon was $0.12 (USD) per coin. A few short months later, it reached an all time high of $2.68.

So how was I able to identify arguably the hottest DeFi project before it took off like a rocket?

Strong fundamentals are everything when it comes to sound crypto investments.

Some things I take into account when I’m researching a crypto project:

Use Case: What problem(s) is this project trying to solve?

Tokenomics: Circulating supply? Max Supply? How are the tokens distributed?

Token Utility: Does the project require the token to function? (E.g. tokens get burned per transaction).

Team: Is the team reputable? Do they have a long track record of success in blockchain or other fields? Are they transparent?

Technological Edge: How does the technology of this project differentiate itself from other similar projects?

Maturity and Adoption: How far along is the project? (E.g. is the mainnet live?) Is the market taking notice of this project? (E.g. are the daily transactions increasing? Are coins being scooped up off of exchanges?)

If the fundamentals are strong, I’ll corroborate my analysis with some technical indicators as well.

The screenshots below are some of my interactions within crypto communities. Proof of my unique ability to extrapolate token prices and user adoption into the future.

How to Find the Crypto Projects That Will 20x in the Next Bull Market

“Are you in it for the tech or the money?”

‘Tis a question that’s been asked since the dawn of Bitcoin.

Today we’re focussing on the money and investment side of the query.

More specifically, how can we identify which coins will have the largest gains through a bull market?

There’s a few key areas to focus on when choosing which crypto projects to invest in for maximum gains.

First things first, let’s not get the rug pulled out from underneath us

A lot of the initial fundamental research for crypto investments should be done to assess risk management.

Frankly, there’s a long history of schemes, scams and theft that has taken place in the crypto sphere.

“Rug pulls” happen when a coin pumps up with hefty strength, causing many investors to FOMO-buy (Fear Of Missing Out) the top of the pump. The “whales”,  who are often members of the team, then sell all their coins, causing a massive panic-induced drop of price that rarely ever recovers. It’s a classic exit scam.

We need to do our absolute best to avoid all that garbage.

For this reason, I recommend reading the whitepaper of any project you seriously consider investing into.

You might not quite understand all the techy words or the advanced concepts, but even an amateur can spot a crappy whitepaper.Some red flags to look out for in the whitepaper include:

  • Light, “padded” content (E.g. general crypto/blockchain descriptions).
  • Misspelled words, spotty grammar, poor formatting.
  • Obvious overuse of marketing jargon.
  • Copy/pasted sections from other projects’ whitepapers.
  • Undefined use case, team token supply, tokenomics, etc.

Avoid meme coins like the plague

Let’s be honest here, meme coins are fun and can pump massively, but it’s essentially a crapshoot trying to find the right meme coin before it pumps (and that pump is almost never sustained).

Investing in meme coins also brings a lot of risk as they’re often copycat projects that don’t have a unique use-case or legitimate business plan.

A lot of meme coins are also just complete scams in which a select number of people own a significant portion of the tokens. Those projects would set up nicely for the aforementioned rug-pull tactic.

We want to avoid that mess so we will avoid meme coins entirely.

1) How large is the market cap?

The price of a coin has almost nothing to do with how much upside the coin has to grow.

To figure out how much upside a coin has, we need to understand what market cap is and how it correlates to price growth.

Market capitalization (market cap) is the total monetary value of all the coins in circulating supply. If you multiply the circulating supply by the current price of one coin, you get the total market cap.

Economically, it’s much easier for a coin with a low total market cap to go on a huge pump (think 10-20x in months) than it is for a coin with a high market cap.

For example, let’s examine two coins on opposite ends of the market cap spectrum.

At almost $50 billion, Cardano ($ADA) has the 5th largest market cap in crypto. It’s current price is $1.50 per coin.

Compare that to Band Protocol ($BAND), which has a market cap of $247 million and is ranked #227. One $BAND token currently sells at $7.

If you just compare the prices ($ADA – $1.50, $BAND – $7), you might come to the conclusion that $ADA has a lot more room for the price to go up.

But that’s not the case. $BAND has a much smaller market cap and therefore a smaller influx of money can cause a larger price increase.

Whereas $ADA, with its large market cap, would need a larger influx of money to see the price grow at the equivalent rate.

To put it more simply, a coin with a small market cap has more growth potential than a coin with a large market cap.

So with this logic, to find the next 20x coin, should we just look towards the bottom of the market cap rankings, since smaller market cap = more growth potential?

Yes and no.

The further you go down the market cap list, the more uncertain the projects become. 

More uncertainty equals more risk.

More risk means:

  1. Higher chance of the rug being pulled.
  2. Less chance of widespread market adoption.

For these reasons, I find it’s best to focus on projects ranked #40-150 on the market cap list. 

Anecdotally, this is the “sweet spot”. 

Projects in this market cap range provide a sweet balance of economic growth potential while still checking a lot of the fundamental boxes (I.E.: they have a working product and a trusted team).

2) What’s the background of the team?

You can tell alot about how successful a business will be by getting to know the people who are building it behind the scenes.

Crypto projects are no different.

Start by looking at the leadership group.

Who are they and what’s their track record? Have they ever done sketchy things in their past business ventures? Are they at all qualified to run a multi-billion dollar crypto company?

From there we can move onto the rest of the team. Do the developers have a track record of writing code for other successful crypto projects? Is the team large enough to handle the scope of the project?

Finally, we want to see transparency from the team

Have they openly stated how many coins are being held by the team and the subsequent plan to hold, distribute or burn these coins?

Is the team active on social media platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, Slack or Discord, answering any and all community-investor questions?

These are all questions that you should take into consideration when trying to determine if the team is to be trusted with your investment.

3) Does the token have utility and is it currently being used?

… … … END OF SAMPLE … … …

Learn more about what I can do for your crypto, blockchain or DeFi business.


As an avid hiker, canoer, fisherman and tent camper, being outdoors and among nature feels natural to me.

I routinely travel throughout Ontario in search of clear lakes, rugged trails and rare wildlife.

Enjoy some photos from my trips, but make sure to take a look at my written sample, which happens to be a true and frightening story!

Why I Don’t Bring Cashews Into the Woods

My most memorable outdoors moment comes from the summer of 2016. My girlfriend and I went on our first backcountry camping trip to Bon Echo Provincial Park and it’s one we’ll never forget for the rest of our lives.

We weren’t new to camping, but we were new to the backcountry.

We were also in the honeymoon phase of our relationship. That dancing flutter of love felt amazing in our hearts, but what we didn’t realize at the time, is it caused us to be a little careless and less aware of our surroundings.

We got there on a Friday and we immediately enjoyed an afternoon of sun, cold drinks and the relaxation of being in nature. The woods were dense but our campsite had a nice little clearing where we could lay down on a blanket and see the trees swaying around the blue sky.

For supper we grilled some zucchini and sausages, and we had an assortment of snacks like fruit, crackers and nuts.

As the sun began to fall, we went for a little walk down the dirt road.

We noticed there was no one staying on any of the campsites near us. The only people we saw were about a 10-15 minute walk away from our site.

It was getting darker out so we decided to return to our camp. But before doing so, we made sure to spend a few minutes staring at the glowing stars.

Back at camp we continued with our drinking and snacking, this time while enjoying the hot roar of our campfire.

Soon enough we were ready for bed. We doused our fire pit to smother any lingering flames and we crawled into our sleeping bags in our tent.

I thought about what a lovely day and night it had been and I fell soundly asleep.

Not long later, I was woken up by a sound.

It was the sound of branches snapping and it was coming from the woods behind our tent. 

The sound got louder and it became closer to us. My girlfriend was now awake and was in visible fear. 

I quickly assessed our situation in my head. My car wasn’t close to our campsite and we didn’t have cell service. I had a 3.5” pocket knife and a canister of bear spray in the tent.

No cell reception. My car was a little far to make a run for it in the dark.

I snapped out of my thought as the sounds came into focus very close to us. Whatever it was, it was heavy. Slow, thudding footsteps. Twigs breaking underneath the creature’s immense weight.

It was now right beside us. And it was now obvious to me what kind of creature it was as it sniffed and huffed our scent.

It was a fully-grown black bear and the only thing separating it from our fleshy bodies was the paper-thin tent wall.

The amount of fear and adrenaline coursing through my body is something I’ll never forget.

And then it got worse.

We hear a scattered few sets of smaller footprints and some odd animal squeals.

Bear cubs! Trotting right around our tent and following their mama.

Followed by another large, thudding bear!

What the heck were they all doing there?

My question was answered when we heard what sounded like a large-breed dog chomping on dog food kibble.

We accidentally left out our can of nuts! My delicious, roasted, salty cashews!

How stupid could we be.After the family of beasts licked the can clean, they lingered on our campsite for a while.

After an indescribable amount of time, they left our vicinity. But our relief was short lived when we could hear the branches snapping louder and louder again – they were back. 

This cycle of them leaving and coming back continued on all night.

They never tried to breach our tent and we never tried to exit it.

In the early morning, we couldn’t hear any signs of the bears so we exited the tent and ran to our car. We returned later to gather our stuff and go home.

Ultimately, we were extremely fortunate to be left unscathed by our close bear encounter, but the vivid memory of it will stay with us forever.

It’s been 5 years since that unforgettable night, but my girlfriend and I continue to make regular camping trips out into the backcountry woods.

As far as cashews go, we make sure we leave those at home.

Sports /
Fantasy Sports

Sports have been instrumental in shaping who I’ve become as an individual and as a business-person.

Don’t believe me? I’m a die-hard Toronto Maple Leafs fan, which means I no longer feel pain when they choke in the playoffs. They’ve certainly helped me develop my thick skin!

I love hockey, football, golf, baseball and Formula 1.

I’m also a consistently winning fantasy sports player.

Digital Marketing

I first dipped my toes into the digital marketing by building a WordPress website in 2014.

I’ve come a long way since then, expanding my skills and gaining experience with different projects.

I now primarily do content marketing, but I have a firm grasp on the vast digital marketing landscape in 2021.

I feel very comfortable breaking down key marketing concepts, reviewing digital tools and guiding people on how the online marketing business really works.

Health and Wellness

“If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.”

My parents instilled this motto in me at an early age and boy am I glad they did.

A healthy mind, body and soul are essential for daily productivity, long-term progress and overall happiness.

A lot of times working on one aspect of health and wellness will have noticeable effects on the other aspects.

For example, when I workout at the gym or go for a hike on a trail, not only am I improving my physical health, but my mental well-being feels much improved as well.

My sample below expands on this concept.

5 Reasons Why Hiking Improves Your Overall Health

“Fit Culture” is trending. Over the past few years, more and more people have been actively engaging in activities that promote a healthy lifestyle. Activities such as weight lifting, crossfit, HIIT (high intensity interval training) and yoga have exploded in popularity.

On top of all this, mental health awareness has also really taken off in popularity. It’s great to see the breakdown of some of the stigmas that are often associated with mental health issues.

The truth is, physical fitness and mental health often go hand in hand. Working on your physical fitness can very likely improve your mental well-being too. In my own personal quest for mental and physical prosperity, I’ve found hiking to be one of the most powerful activities to engage my body and my mind.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to get out hiking this year to improve your overall health.

1. Hiking Gets You Outside

Let’s start with the most obvious one. Hiking is all about being outside—trekking with, against and through all that nature throws at you. There’s something to be said about breathing in nature’s fresh air and absorbing all of the peaceful sounds that being out on the trail provides. Then of course, there’s the views. Oh, the views! In my opinion, this is the best part about hiking. There’s so much to explore on this beautiful earth. Looking at some nice pictures or videos on your phone or TV doesn’t even compare to seeing it first-hand with your own two eyes. Cliffside outlooks, deep valleys, crystal-clear water, lush green moss, trees that are 100 years old. The variables are endless and are sure to take your breath away. And if I haven’t convinced you to go outside yet, consider this: it’s in our DNA to be outside. We often lose sight of this because of our impressively built modern civilizations. But for most of our ancestor’s history, we were hunter-gatherers and effectively lived among nature. So it’s time for you to escape the prison that is the four walls that you currently sit inside and get back to your roots. Go outside!

2. Hiking Teaches You to Challenge Yourself

One of the great things about hiking is that anyone can do it. As long as you can walk, you can hike. And with great tools available such as the AllTrails app, you can find a trail near you that will challenge you just the perfect amount. Whether you’re looking for a relatively flat 1km loop, or a 25km up and down out-and-back trail, you can find exactly what you need. This is where you can use progression to challenge yourself. Start with a trail that you know you can conquer. From there, you can start working your way up to the longer, more rigorous routes. And let me tell you, struggling to hike up a steep, heavily rooted trail in the hot sun is a challenge worth doing. You see, most of us don’t get enough challenge in our lives. Sure, we all face problems that we have to overcome in our day-to-day lives. But our minds and bodies need to feel a struggle. We need to feel resistance. Because when you finally reach the top of that steep hill, that triumphant feeling is unbeatable.

3. Hiking Connects You to Others

Whether we want to admit it or not, humans need a certain level of connection with each other. That’s why we build relationships with those who we feel the closest to. These relationships have a profound impact on our mental and emotional well-being. Hiking is an activity that’s perfect for fostering these emotional bonds. Trust me, when you take your best friend, son or daughter, or significant other out on a pristine summer day to enjoy some challenging trails, your relationship will feel invigorated. It’s fun to challenge each other’s pace and push for more. You can talk about something that you’ve been meaning to talk about, or just hike in silence and take in the pure, natural wilderness together. The hiking community is also quite vast and it’s not uncommon to meet someone new on a hike. In fact, this is one of my favourite parts of hiking. Stopping to talk to someone you’ve never met before, who is out there hiking for all of the same reasons you are. Human connection is a powerful thing.

4. Hiking Combats Depression, Anxiety and Stress

This is probably the number one reason why I hike as often as I can. Hiking is about getting away, escaping all of the usual stresses and circulating thoughts that life routinely throws at you. When you’re out hiking, your senses are all consumed by what is going on around you. The trees swaying, the river rushing, the animals moving, the grass blowing. The sights, the sounds, even the smell of nature is intoxicating. It feels so pure to just forget about whatever has been eating up your mind lately. You are one with nature. This isn’t just word mumbo jumbo either. It’s been proven that being outside and exercising releases endorphins in the human brain. Endorphins are responsible for the feeling of “happiness”. This is something I experience every time I go out for a hike. That endorphin release is a natural process and it sure is addicting.

5. Hiking Improves Your Physical Fitness Level

This probably goes without saying, but hiking is great for your body. Who knew?! Well, it’s not only true, but it might be understated. Hiking is a robust cardio-vascular workout. This translates into lowering your blood pressure, reducing your blood sugar levels and ultimately reducing your risk of heart disease. On top of all this, hiking builds muscles in your core and legs. There’s nothing like coming home after a long, rigorous hike and feeling that tired, burnt feeling in your legs and torso. Aside from the cardio and muscle building aspects, hiking also helps improve your balance and flexibility. Depending on the trails you hike, you might be stepping over roots, climbing over boulders, crossing beaver dams or scaling a steep, rocky mountainside. Because of the various situations that you might encounter when hiking, your body will be forced to go outside of its comfort zone to overcome those obstacles. The total result is you end up building a fit, strong and balanced body. It’s a workout that’s impossible to replicate any other way.

There’s No Better Time to Start Than Now

New decade, new you. Start the decade off with a hike. You never know what might come of it. Perhaps in 2030 you will look back on how much your life has improved simply because you took that first dirty, rocky step. And if I haven’t convinced you to get out hiking yet, consider this:  hiking is free! All you need is a solid pair of shoes and the possibilities become endless. It’s time to stop procrastinating and hit the trails!

Casino / Gambling

Years ago, as I began my journey into digital marketing, I needed a job to pay my bills.

I caught wind of an exctiting opportunity to work on the front lines of the casino industry as a table games dealer.

I took the job and loved it.

For 5 years I dealt blackjack, poker, roulette, baccarat and other popular casino games.

The opportunity to interact and connect emotionally with the customers, show off my hand-eye-coordinated card skills and calculate complex mathemetical payouts on the spot, made for a very interesting and rewarding job.

I’m out of the casino industry now, but my knowledge of the inner workings of casinos, game odds and winning strategy means I can provide truly insightful content.

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